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Your Digital Kitabu Ya Madeni ;)

Track your cash flow

Core Benefits of using Patika

Send Debt Payment Reminders

Collect customer debt 3X faster by our automated sms reminders. You can also send reminders via WhatsApp

Track Deni ya Customer

Know in realtime the list of customers who haven't paid you and how much money they owe you. Keep record of their repayments and see balance realtime.

Know How Much You're Making

Keep record of income and expenses and we'll show you in realtime how much you've made at the end of the day. No more calculations at night.

Replace Your Physical Book

Maintain a digital record of your business. No more huge books and struggle flipping pages to see your sales. Have your business in your pocket

Why choose Patika?

As a SaaS bookkeeping tool, we help microenterprises migrate from their physical books to enjoy the benefits of the digital world.

  • 25% More Repayments
    We help you collect 25% more from your customers within a month of joining Patika
  • Easy to use
    The simplest interface and built for ease. Integrates with how you already work; need no learning.
  • 3X faster repayments
    FREE automatic sms reminders with payment links. Customers pay you while you sleep.